My New York Trip (My internet is finally back)


I’ve been M.I.A. since I left for New York because once I got back, my internet at my apartment was out. But it’s back now and I’ve been wanting to post things about my first vacation in years and my first one traveling alone.

IMG_1655I just want to sing praises at Southwest Airlines. They were so smooth and happy to help. They whole process was simple and helpful. Two free checked bags and a free in flight drink is just so choice.

Anyway on to New York. Now my opinion of New York is that I would never choose live there unless I was getting paid quite a lot of money. It’s dirty and small and very little green space. I got sick the second day from the air with a sore throat and a constantly runny nose. All that said, people I love very much live there and the combination of architectural decades and engineering is enough to go visit. I truly am a Chicago girl.

Desiree is one of my best friends and being able to go visit her for her birthday was amazing.


Now I’m going to talk about things I wore in New York. I won’t be able to post about where to buy these things but I will post sites to places that used to sell these things. I am very stingy with my clothing choices and I don’t buy anything full price. A lot of what I wear comes from thrift stores (like Goodwill or Salvation Army), consignment stores (like Plato’s Closet or Crossroads), hand-me downs from family or friends, and things I’ve owned for many many years (like almost 9 years).


This is what I wore on the plane at 5:45 am and to walk around my first day in New York. I really didn’t care and was just excited to be seeing my friend I hadn’t seen in months. My jacket is from Land’s End and extremely comfortable. Not that flattering because I have a short torso, but it gets the job done. The shirt I’m wearing is one I found at Plato’s Closet and it’s from Urban Outfitters. My jeans are those $7.70 jeans from Forever 21 that are so cheap you have to go into the store to buy them, but I’ve had them for 6 years and not a single tear from all I’ve put them through. My shoes are Converse High Tops that I accidentally stole from a High School ex boyfriend’s younger sister, long story but it’s too late to give them back. And my bag is from the Urban Outfitters’ Surplus Store here in Chicago.


The second day in New York was hot as balls and raining off and on all day. I made the mistake of not bringing shorts. But I rocked that braided hair crown all day. During the day time I wore this bodysuit I got from the Urban Outfitters’ Surplus Store (I wish there was a website). It’s the first pink thing I’ve owned by choice and super comfortable and breathable. Then I’m also wearing the Topshop MOTO Mom Jeans  found at Plato’s Closet that were just a little too heavy for 86 degree weather. And of course those converses.

And then I wore this silk high-neck, backless dress to Desiree’s birthday dinner that same day. Appearing for the third time, found at the Urban Outfitters’ Surplus Store (It’s right next to my work, so don’t judge)

FullSizeRender (5)

Day three was much more bearable weather-wise.


We went to the Highline the next day and walked literally everywhere we could and I just wanted a picture next to the cherry blossoms with my fresh orange juice. Now this shirt is my absolute favorite shirt, mainly because it’s super soft and I feel comfortable enough to not wear a bra with it. And finishing it strong, it’s from the Urban Outfitters’ Surplus Store. Rewearing my MOTO mom jeans and the black purse I’ve brought with me. And I’m wearing my converses as well.

The makeup I wore was very minimal aside from the lipstick I talked about in my previous post, and some times that didn’t even make it out of the apartment.

On the final day I was there, I wore the exact same thing I wore the first day because I was just grabbing a quick lunch with a mutual friend then back to the airport to fly home to Chicago.


Hello blurry Lake Shore Drive.

It was a lovely trip and I can’t wait to go back and visit to see the beautiful people that keep me going and are always supporting me. But it’s back to the coffeeshop and auditioning grind of my life.

Thank you for even reading this and supporting me as well as I’m figuring this all out. I hope you find the time to make time for the important people in your lives! 🙂



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