Mini Cheap Clothing Haul?


I talked so much in my last post about these two stores that I felt the need to dedicate a whole post to them. And I got paid so I had to take a quick look around.

As anyone who loves going to stores like these, you know it takes time. I spent almost 3 hours going through both of these stores. There is so much stuff and a lot of it isn’t my style but I often find gems.

I like to tackle stores like these by going through every thing first then going back around and grabbing things I like. I first look at the fabric: how does it feel? How heavy is it? How thick is it? How would it fit on my body? Then I think of how it would fit in my wardrobe already: can I wear it with lots of things or is this some special piece?

Stores that offer name brand clothes for cheap often have lots of things people don’t want (that’s why consignment shops like Plato’s Closet exist). They are either the wrong fir or just out of style (a reason why Urban Outfitter’s Surplus store exists).

But here’s what I found today and how much I spent on each thing!

Urban Outfitters Surplus


First thing I found was this faux wrap dress by Kimchi Blue. The dress has a deep V in the front and a lace up back with a zipper on the side (praise!) I bought it because the fabric was soft and it moves really well on my body, also lightweight. I don’t own much color so it was nice to see. The tag said $9.99, but all dresses were 30% off as well today!


Next thing I got was this Brad Pitt shirt. I only got it because my friend told me to get it because he thought it would be funny and wants to take it from me later. This shirt was $9.99 as well, but not 30% off. It’s rather comfortable but oddly is tight at the bottom. Also my chest kind of deforms his forehead.

Plato’s Closet 


I got both of these at Plato’s Closet. The Forever 21 shirt is this incredibly soft mock turtle neck. I’ve been really into those lately for some reason and now own three. But this shirt was $8.00 so can’t complain. Now the shorts are BDG which is an Urban Outfitters’ brand. I like their shorts because they have spandex in them and I have muscular thighs, so there is a lot of give. They aren’t too short and are mid-rise. They were also only $6.00.


This sweater is a Nicole Miller cowl neck pullover. It’s extremely comfortable and breathable. Thankfully it seems like it’s been lived in so it hangs perfectly. It was also $8.00.


Lastly are these shoes from Forever 21. I got them because I saw a friend wearing them a few years ago and fell in love. I’m short so I have short calves and boots usually hit me strangely. These ones seem to be ok so far. Will report back after walking in them for a night. These were my most expensive purchase at $12.00.

So that’s all I bought! Spent three hours and found 6 things. Not that bad.

Oh I also wandered to CVS and bought Mabelline Age Rewind concealer, because I saw my favorite beauty blogger wearing it, and a Take 5 candy bar, because I have no self control.

Take a look at these stores or ones similar to them when you have lots of free time! I’m sure you can find at least one thing you love among the racks. AND! Make sure you try on everything at the store before buying, most place’s return policies involve just store credit so make sure you like what you’re getting!



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